Master Key – Week 10 Breaking the addiction

I can feel the addiction to the negativity. I can manage to resist it for as much as a day by diverting  my thoughts and doing affirmations but I cannot seem to keep the door shut. When co workers complain and gossip about things I find frustrating I literally have to bit my tongue and it is so tempting to chime in. When the San Bernardino shooting happened the temptation to look at articles was a little to overwhelming and I gave in and read about it inevitably leading to thoughts of fear, anger, sadness. When the Paris attacks happened a few weeks ago I was able to mostly block it out and focus on being happy and positive, but San Bernardino is  a lot closer to home as it is only about a hundred miles away. Finally I convinced myself to stop looking at the articles and focus on something constructive that I have control over. The strange thing is that with only an hour or so of letting the fear and negativity in I felt that peptide addiction getting its fix and the cravings intensified. I have never thought of negativity as an addiction but I can see clearly now that it is as addicting as sugar. It is almost an irresistible urge to yuck it up with the complainers and ponder the scary and upsetting things in life. Even the knowledge that it is damaging to my personal goals and peace of mind doesn’t make it much easier to resist the temptation. It seems like a bow string being pulled back and if I do not get my fix need to indulge is that much greater at the next opportunity. I am honestly shocked that after all the hard work I have done to be more positive in my life over the past 20 years that I still have such a long way to go.. even more shocking is that it is this difficult for me. I can hear Mark and Davene warning us that we will be surprised by how negative we are even though we may think we are positive.



8 thoughts on “Master Key – Week 10 Breaking the addiction

  1. You can do it, April! In reading others’ blogs, I see we are all struggling with those issues at some point or other…me included. I found continually repeating the affirmation “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy” really helped. But it’s by no means fool-proof (yet), and I’ve still slipped up! Self-awareness is a key step, and then substituting positive for negative. You go, girl!


  2. I found this affirmation many years ago and I read it often when faced with this much strife in the world and this is just one paragraph in it. “As you raise your consciousness, you become immunized against the trouble in the world, and you can live and work with it all about you and yet it will not be able to affect or touch you in any way”. Source- “Opening Doors Within” by Eileen Caddy

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    1. I love that, that is great advice! I have been more at peace recently with the idea that I am not responsible for fixing all the ill in the world of those around me. I am by nature very people pleasing and I am learning to be more detached while staying empathetic. I am starting to realize that everyone is facing their own struggles for a reason. This energy that is speaking to an guiding me is also within them; even if they do not realize it. They are creating their reality and they have emotionally invested in that reality. This is why people resist so much when you try to help solve their problems. They actually enjoy the drama of their own problems and they are secretly a little afraid of letting go of them. Even though they think they want to resolve them they continue to dwell upon the negative situations and even seek them out. Which also brings us back to me, I have created the drama in my life as well and am also a little reluctant to let go. Well as they say, knowing is half the battle! 🙂


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